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What is a Fitness Certificate (FC) of a vehicle?

A Fitness Certificate or FC is a document that certifies that the vehicle is fit in every aspect to ply on roads.
A new vehicle comes with a Fitness Certificate valid for a certain number of years.

Post that period; one must renew the FC to comply with the rules and regulations of The Motor Vehicles Act.
The renewal process includes a thorough vehicle inspection by the RTO (Regional Transport Office).

Why is a vehicle Fitness Certificate important in India?

Here are a few points that explain the importance of FC for vehicles in India.

  • A Fitness Certificate is mandatory for all motor vehicles in India.
  • All commercial vehicles in India need to have an active FC at all times. Failing to display the document during inspection can attract penalties.
  • The Fitness Certificate ensures that the vehicle is safe to drive on roads as the vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection to determine its mechanical condition.
  • Vehicular pollution is on a rapid rise, and old vehicles are one of the significant contributors to the same. FC ensures that the old vehicles that produce harmful emissions and pollute the environment are not certified and thereby not allowed to ply on roads.
  • Lastly, obtaining a Fitness Certificate can save you from hassles like attracting non-compliance penalties from the authorities.
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How much is the fine for an expired Fitness Certificate (FC)?

Driving a vehicle, especially a commercial or transport vehicle, without a valid Fitness Certificate is a serious offense. The following points throw light on the vehicle Fitness Certificate fine in India.

  • The fine for driving a vehicle with an expired FC ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000 for a first-time offense.
  • The fine for repeat offenses stands at Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.
  • In case of several repeat offenses, the driver or owner can also face imprisonment.
  • Apart from that, there’s a provision in The Motor Vehicles Act to levy a fine of Rs. 50 per day for the delay in renewing the vehicle Fitness Certificate.